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Hurricane Preparation

When The Storm Is Near

  • Check your emergency supply kit, and add any supplies you haven't included.

  • Fill your vehicles with gasoline because gas stations may not have electricity for the pumps. Have cash because ATMs and credit card machines won't work without power.

  • Do the laundry and run the dishwasher.

  • Have a cell phone charger that runs off the car's cigarette lighter.

  • Turn the refrigerator and freezer to their coldest settings. Fill their empty spaces with containers of water.

  • Put up hurricane shutters and remove objects in the yard. Don't put tape on the windows. It is a waste. Tape provides no protection and is hard to remove.

  • Stow pool equipment and super chlorinate the water in your pool. Lower the water level by about one foot to absorb rain from the storm. Don't lower it more or groundwater rising underneath could uproot the pool. Turn off the pool pump at the circuit breaker to keep it from shorting out.

  • If you have a generator:
    • Don't put it indoors. That means avoid the garage, house, attic, lanai or crawl space. Gasoline powered generators emit carbon monoxide, an odorless gas that can be deadly.
    • The generator should be protected from rain, but allow several feet of space around it because the engine is air cooled. Make sure two sides of the covering are open, with one being the side for the engine exhaust.
    • Get a battery-powered carbon monoxide detector, similar to a smoke detector, as a safety precaution.

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